Winter 2019
We have again been awarded 100% passes with either Merits or Distinctions! We are super proud especially with Bracken F who achieved a distinction with 80 marks, and Coco DGP who was awarded 80 marks and a distinction making this her 3 distinctions in a row.
Spring 2019
Solo acting and Duo
15 Distinctions  and 2 Merits
Winter November 2018
Solo Acting Grades 2 – 4                                  7     DISTINCTIONS
Solo and Duo Acting Grades  2 – 5                  7     MERITS
Cast of Sister Act                                              15    MERITS
Cast of Mary Poppins                                       15    MERITS
Spring 2018
Congratulations to our Spring LAMDA EXAM students! 5 Merits and 17 Distinctions!
Highest score 91 marks awarded Group Musical Theatre MATILDA!
Previous Awards
100% pass rate for LAMDA Students December 2016 and May 2017
20 students took May LAMDA exams. 17 of those were DISTINCTIONS with 3 MERITS! CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL! Plus our first DISTINCTION BRONZE MEDAL! Feeling very proud theatre parents!

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